Steve & Kathy Cloud, Current Owners

Kathleen Cloud, President,

Stephen Cloud, Vice President,

From left to right
Collin Easton, Project Manager  collin.easton@mfhiggins.com
Jacqui Easton
Samantha Cloud
Kathy Cloud, President
Steve Cloud, Vice President
Travis Cloud, Business Development Director,

From left to right:
Steve, Kathy, Samantha Cloud   
Margaret Finnegan  
Travis Cloud
Melissa Cyr, melissa.cyr@mfhiggins.com   
Debbie Siembab, debra.siembab@mfhiggins.com  Project Administration team
Karen Dinino, Payroll      
Tim Cloud
Jacqui Easton 
Collin Easton
Jeff Patenaude, Estimator, estimator@mfhiggins.com
Bob Broda, VP New Business, robert.broda@mfhiggins.com
John Carlson, Logistics, jcarlson@mfhiggins.com



 2017 Higgins Post Neocon Black/White event.  Additions include Andrew Conklin, estimator, estimator@mfhiggins.com & Ken McMahon, Floor Care Tech